Sometimes it seems we get angry about the wrong things. Maybe that’s because it’s easier. I dunno. I wrote a poem about a recent shifting of priorities. It’s called ‘Outraged’.


Trump isn’t President.
Homelessness is over.
Forced marriages don’t happen,
and you won’t die or get older.

Everybody gets paid the same.
No matter what their gender.
Today is your birthday,
and everybody remembered.

Cancer is cured!
HIV too!
Every local business is creating enough revenue!

Fascism is dead.
The NHS isn’t underfunded.
There’s no such thing as orphans
Every country in the world has food in abundance.

Education no longer has a cost.
Humanitarian values thrive.
Everyone you’ve ever lost,
is once again alive.

Cigarettes aren’t addictive.
Childhood obesity has gone away.
Magazines for teenagers no longer focus
on the amount that you weigh.

Equality is here
For every single kind of person
No one is forced to do things
under acts of coercion
Brexit is cancelled.
All wars have ceased.
Every victim of sexual crime
is now 100% believed.

Charities don’t exist, because there just isn’t the need.
Everyone is respected, no matter colour, race or creed.

Poverty doesn’t exist,
And no one is queuing on the dole.
So let’s get upset about what really matters.
that Greggs now sell vegan sausage rolls.


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