Smells Like Teen Inhibition.

It’s National Poetry Day! To celebrate here is one of my new poems.

Smells Like Teen Inhibition.

I’m getting up earlier and going to bed later

Maybe I don’t even sleep
But I don’t fucking remember
Am I forgetting to eat
Or does everything I taste become so bland that I forget it the moment it’s gone
Do I still clean my body
Do I still brush my teeth
Do I still gaze at the stars
Or am I stuck staring at my feet
My dirty feet
That are stuck in the ground
Or maybe they still get around
I’ve just forgotten
Forgotten what it’s like to get up and be excited
I’m saying hello to people less
And deflecting questions even more
How you been? How’s your mum? What’s for dinner? What’s the score?

I’m in Valhalla, I’m in hell,

I’ve reached Nirvana and it smells like Mordor

I’m Harry Potter without the scar
I’ve got the key to the castle but I live that little bit too far
Away, away…
I know the password but I just cannot say
The words
When my dinner is served I cut it into thirds
One third each for the parts of me I miss
The part of me you used to kiss
Gets one
The part of me once loved
Now gone
And the third part goes to just about anyone
Except you
You get nothing
And no one gets you



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