This is a poem I wrote about my friend, colleague, fellow student and housemate, Jayd. Jayd is one of the reasons I started writing poetry and this one’s for her.

It’s called Friend.


I know the idea of me falling in love
wasn’t exactly ideal for you
but the home that we’ve made together
is still the one I come home to

I know that we wanted to
sit and talk and laugh and win
we can do that
we still do that
and we always will

We’re a bad influence on each other
in the best possible way
Ordering takeaway to reward ourselves
for doing nothing all day

Concentration is key
but the thing is we
get lost in funny tangents
just to procrastinate in thought
or talk about our previous selves
and all the battles that we’ve fought

You despise wings
and I despise legs
together a team
the very best of dregs
Piece of paper and a glass
our weapons of choice
I’ve got the dog and you’ve got the tortoise

You have long hair
smoke too much
you eco-poetry geek

I’ve got too many shoes
I drink too much
A right narky neat freak

You’re deaf in one ear
I’m blind in one eye
and when I cry
you simply reply
“Are you alright mate?”

And then I am
’cause there you are
tinnie in one hand and a
ciggie not too far.








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