This was written for a graded poetry assignment I had last year. It’s about love and computers and stuff, enjoy.



We are transformed, a damaged device.
Eroding and erasing precious memory

As we become frantic in repair.
A virus spreads.

Distorting what we once described as intimacy.

This heart is corrupted and cannot be opened.

Unload and drive hard into another user.
Multimedia abuser.

Small, square teeth viciously bite
in the face
of a blank interface
Hosting. Hostile. Harmful. Hacks.

System error. Message not sent.
Incorrect format.
Please re-insert disk.

‘Bash it, that usually works’
‘You can’t just turn it on and off again. It’s broken’
dragged willingly towards deleted items.

System reboot required.

New update available.



Without you.

Without you, I am thrown off course with no compass.
A lover no more, yet I love you no less.
Forced to re-learn past errors, trembling
under the covers of childhood lived terrors.

Without you, I am lost at sea.
Creatures of the dark await under the depths to take me.

Forever learning what I’ve been allowed to forget.
Forever repaying the heavy heart of my debt.

Without you, I am an orphan.
Picking up the pieces of who I think that I am.

Without you, I am an empty room.
Clutching at closeness, or the warmth of the womb
that you and me created,
suddenly dissipated.

Without you, I am nothing yet still me.
Without you, I am blind yet still see.
Without you, I am more of you than you will ever be of me.