30 pieces of David.

You sang about heroes
& you became one of mine.
Our Ziggy, you may now be dust
but now you live amongst stars.
You set the world on fire
uniting all the madmen, as one.
I’ll forever be your China girl.
Dirty boys in drive-in Saturdays,
that was the fashion in those golden years.
Like a rocket man, you shook me cold.
Muffled sound and blurred vision,
my oddity now in rebel space.
Heat on the floor, & you say: ‘John? I’m only dancing!’
Changes happen, love is not always lost.
Did you ask Lady Stardust, where are we now?
We are the dead, she sang.
Like a word on a wing, the genie named Jean
grew up and married the man who sold the world.

Ashes to ashes, our man of the stars.

Let me know if there’s life on Mars, please.
The stars are out tonight and so are you.
Those, pretty, things, oh!
Let’s dance.



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